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Flexible & Strong for your Everyday Carry


Reusable & Recyclable


Perfect for the beach or anywhere


Beautifully Stylish Options


Love it!!! I have been using it for everything! Versatile, carrys a huge load and slips into my handbag when I'm not using it. 

Ellie Hampton

Super convenient bag that fits unbelievably way more in it than you expect. Packs down small and light so you can keep in your handbag when not in use.

Alena Pollard

Fantastic!!! I use it for shopping and to carry my stuff to the beach .super flexible and very handy. Grazie

Federico Rostagno

We bought one for us and the kids bought one [for them..] at manly markets last week.very handy,very compact and very good. and it's recycled. simple

Scott Needham May 14, 2016

Why Czech Netbag?

reusable - quality cotton - eco friendly - strong - beautiful